I think it all began with a ‘Hi’.

I know women are infamous for remembering dates and details but hey that’s how we cherish the beautiful and important days of the people whom we love most in our life.

It was 2009 and frankly speaking staying in hostel during vacations alone is not loved by single human, so I was also no exception. 

On January 30th, 2009 I got up and like a daily ritual I had to check for any recent scarps in orkut. Hahhaaa! It was orkut time, Facebook was really new and everyone was trying to adapt Mark Zuckerberg’s new social media creation. 

Interestingly among all the scarps of my friends, there was a scarp by a stranger but his words were decent and polite enough to grab my attention. I could even sense an enthusiasm in those words. Frankly speaking in NIFT enthusiasm was something you’ll find in very low quantity as students always failed to meet deadlines of assignments. Oh I deviate a lot from the trail but hey I am cherishing an old beautiful memory, so please bear with me.

His text was short but it changed my life. ” Our parents are thinking about our marriage,  so can we talk if it is fine by you.” My morning head started spinning as fast as a mixer grinder. 

No no no I was not ready for marriage. ‘I’m still in college, too young, want to sleep, hate my parents and lastly I hate this guy.’ All these thoughts were swirling in my brain. With this pissed off mood I called my parents and inquired about him and had an argument with my papa. As usual he convinced me to at least talk to the poor man who had the guts to directly message me and wanted to know me. Mockingly he said just imagine there are 99% chances that he’ll runaway within two days, after talking to you. “Very funny” with this short sentence I disconnected my call and moved my fingers towards my laptop to accept him. I had no clue that not only was I accepting his friend request but I was unknowingly accepting him in my life. 

That click changed the course of everything. I still think what would have happened if had blocked him then and there. Like this I turned the course of my life with my own hands and left for movie marathon with my day scholar friends, completely forgot about the man who was continuously messaging with a hope that I’ll revert.

At night when I came back only to see my inbox filled with “how are you?”, “can we talk?”, “is this a good time to talk?”, “hope  I am not disturbing you!”. All these messages were waiting for a reply. A reply which made me think, and think. Am I ready for this questionnaire.

I thought what if I’ve to be ready so exactly is there anything specific I want in my life partner. I made up mind to prepare myself so that in my struggle to resist a major change in my life, I am not standing clueless at the end of the day.

I was in a professional course with a bright future ahead so technically marrying for financial stability was not something on my mind. Next, I had always lived an independent life, as my father was transferred a lot and my mother stayed back with me and my brother because they decided not to let our education suffer on account of his job. So all the responsibilities of a father was borne by my mother and we shared them with her. From changing cycle tire to travelling across India without any company made me capable of dealing with practically anything. So getting involved in a co-dependent relationship was out of question. 

Three hours passed and I was still thinking for a reason which can convince me for marriage. Then a thought occurred to me may be marriage is all about companionship, a friend for life time. I wanted a friend with whom I could have a long conversations, mental stimulation, an understanding that we were equal and my career, emotions and beliefs were as important as his. With whom a walk in the rain was as charismatic as riding an expensive car. 

Yes I had found my reasons which made my grounds strong for what to see in a life partner. Days passed still unclear how to reply him, I kept avoiding orkut during the time period in which he was active. I learned that he was an early sleeper unlike me. 

But I guess fate had different plans for me. 

He also guessed my intentions and around 1 o’clock in the night I received a “Hi”. All of a sudden my creative brain which was capable of conjuring any whimsical lie within a nano second refused to be a partner in crime. 

I had no option other than to say “Hi”. It felt all the muscles in body were forcing my fingers to move. Now it all seem hilarious but at that time it was seriously a huge task for me.

And like this our conversation started. 

“Finally got you” followed by a mocking ‘hahaa‘, making me feel like a criminal who was living in a hiding after committing a serious felony. A sense of embarrassment was drawn upon me and I blushed. 

Sensing my speechlessness a series of ‘????????’ followed.

Suddenly my heart knocked and whispered angrily,“REPLY”. 

I apologetically replied,” oh sorry due to jury I was busy and its hard to reply at that time”. Hopefully crossing my fingers that he has no clue about my college schedule.

He replied,” its OK I can understand its tough to talk to a stranger, but if we won’t talk, how can we decide about our future!” With this sentence a huge lump got stuck in my throat. Future was dark and I had no clue why is he still expecting a reply can’t he sense that I don’t know what I’ll be doing this weekend, how can he ask me to decide my eternal life in a second. 

Now sensing my discomfort he started enjoying it, which still makes me furious. He started with basic questions like my hobbies and all. After chatting for an hour he started seemingly familiar. He was no more an intruder in my monotonous existence. After an hour I realised there was an unexpected smile on my face, for which I was glad that he couldn’t see it on a chat.

Three days passed now I have started turning on my laptop only to chat with him. Yes! I hadn’t given him my number. :p 

I left for home as I had few days off and got a call from his mom that they’ll be visiting Lucknow all the way from Delhi just to meet me. Arrange marriage this idea was horrifying in itself, but sensing he’ll be there was the biggest consolation at that moment. 

It was like an arrangement of ours while chatting that he used to ask a lot of questions and I had to be speechless. Ok ok laugh as much as you all want. But come on it was the first time I had started liking someone, still not calling it love.

Next morning he was sitting on a couch in my living room, only a part of his face was visible from the gap behind that fridge. The look on his face was telling that he too was getting impatient, even he was waiting to know that ‘speechless emoticon’ in person. It all seem so blurry don’t remember what all happened when I entered the room. It was a surprise for my family to see me so quite for the first time in twenty two years. Some were giggling, some staring and my mother had a stern look on her face stating clearly don’t screw up. His relative asked me to sing a song like a Bollywood movie scene. 

God knows I had no intention of doing that but I sang. 

An old track of famous gazal singer late Jagjit singh, “tumko dekha to ye khyaal aaya, zindagi dhoop tum ghana saaya.” 

Its translation is ” a thought came to my mind after seeing you, that life is like a scorching heat of sun and you are the shade of my life.” My cousins,who were angry with the elders of the family for even thinking about my marriage, taunted ,”even the dumbest person would have fallen for you as you are the singer of our house and with that song it’s confirm that he won’t leave without saying yes.” 

Like in the movies I was asked to show him my room and talk to each other. I was so nervous that I started blabbering anything that came in my mind.

 After ten minutes I realized that my tongue and brain had no connection and heart was like as if partaking in a marathon. Again I apologetically said, “sorry I talk a lot”. With a satisfaction and smile filled with mischief on his face he replied, “I am an amazing listener”. My three hours of discussion with myself and days of judging him somehow added up and our eyes locked for the first time, with a smile on our face.

“Yes”, we both said to our parents. That’s how it all began. On 14th February, day of love, we got engaged and held hands for the first time knowing that I am never letting it go.

Thanks for reading!

Chronicles of love life are never ending it continues till we are alive. 


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